Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Candidate

I have a confession to make...I am a politician and I detest politics. 
No one explained to me that serving on the school board meant I would be a "working for free" politician. 
I have always spent time at our schools, helping with the reading program, teaching old folk songs like "She'll becoming around the mountain", working the book fair, monitoring at track & field....and on and on... times 4 kids in 10 different schools spanning 21 years. seemed almost the next step to run for the school board. Boy was I naive about the time required, the hot issues at hand, the messages and phone calls from people wanting help and meetings till midnight!
When I was approached about running I did spend 3 days pondering the possibility of such a quest, seeking direction from heaven. Next time someone wants me to run-I won't even ask heaven:)

I am now a veteran politician having just completed my first year including 25 hours of training. eye! Learning school finance alone is enough to make one looney, not to mention the constant changing of policy set forth by state and federal agencies. 

Still there are sweet, non politician moments like announcing the winners for the teacher grants and giving out diplomas at graduation. I especially love looking into the eyes of the kids graduating from our alternative high school. These are the kids with hard knocks who are still trying to make something of themselves. 

I like the camaraderie I feel with many of the staff and the funny pictures the elementary kids drew for school board week. 

I love our schools and town and really hope that I can make a difference. 
A politician? Yes, but hopefully in name only and not actions:)

I created a first ever album just about me and something I have done. 
I did my One event/One design for a simple clean look.

My children have teased me mercilessly about this whole process. "So mom, are you going to run for mayor next?" NO! 


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  1. Kim,

    I love that you are so great at documenting such special moments. I enjoyed reading your candid remarks regarding your school board journey. I am grateful for the long hours you spend in effort to better of schools. Thank you for your service.

    Michelle Harris