Sunday, June 17, 2012

He was my dad.

He was my dad.
I think of him often, how he help to shape my life, how he lived his life, and how he continues to teach me even though he has been gone for 23 years. Most of what I know are facts. I was only 26 when he died so I feel like I didn't really get to know him as a "person" instead of a dad.

Who was he?

He was the oldest of 11 children and slept on a back porch most of his life. He walked home 7 miles from football practice. He was a fast runner, an all state football player, and it took 5 guys to bring him down on the football field.
Daddy is 16 years, the one in the dark suit in the back.

He sometimes went to school barefoot and took a sandwich of onions and potatoes. He was the only sibling in his family to get a college education. He was a good dancer in his teens. He was absolutely honest  and when he committed, it was 100%. He loved the color purple, homemade Bluebell ice cream, being in love with my Mom, taking care of our pool, and his children. I remember his gravely voice, serious eyes, and stocky build that allowed us to say "My dad is bigger than your dad!" 
I remember crawling up in his lap the day we found out he had cancer and hearing him say "It's okay, I will pick out my grandchildren in heaven." After 14 grandchildren and 2 great grand children, we have figured out he likes the feisty ones because that is what keeps coming:)

As father's go...he was strict and protective. Boys were terrified of him which I am sure is what he had in mind!
Every year on my birthday when I got dollars equal to my age he would say "I wish I could give you that amount with a zero at the end of that number."

Daddy wasn't overly open and affectionate so I was a bit surprised after my wedding my Mom said he was teary all day because his baby girl was gone.

Whatever I didn't know about him, I knew he loved us and took care of his duties in life almost until his last breath. I will always miss him..calling him at work and telling him the latest funny thing the kids did...sneaking the pralines out of the ice cream in the freezer so he would fuss:)...watching him play with my children...hearing him sing Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond) and a thousand other memories. 
He was all of these things but mostly to me he was my dad and that was enough.
Happy Father's Day Daddy...still missing you...
Remember those signing pillows from the late 70's?
He signed mine:) 


  1. You are so sweet! This post brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Beautifully written,Kimberly.

  3. Definitely brought some tears. I am excited to meet him in Heaven!

  4. Aaron and I read through this together. So sweet... thanks for sharing