Friday, July 13, 2012

Another rainy day...

Why do we aways wish them away?

We had a drought last year...this year we have prayed our area into a swamp! 
It has been raining for days but today the pool finally filled up completely, spilling over the edges if you stick even a pinky toe into the water!
Our rainy day adventure began with Grandad giving Annabelle a push in her "coup coup" (as she calls her cozy coup) while he brought in the garbage can. 
If only she would always be impressed with such simple adventures!

Look at the size of our Texas raindrops!

 I couldn't resist a photo shoot with my girls to brighten up another rainy day:)

 Annabelle loves to march around the jacuzzi to the elephants marching song from Jungle Book:)

On a more serious note I have been reflecting on the over abundance of rain we currently have and the lack of rain in the west. Some here are trapped by flooding and some there are fleeing fires. The worst of our human nature sometimes demands that we wish for whatever is NOT at any given moment. If in those moments if we would look around the world we will usually find that our lot is the better option. 

So today my yard may be like a boggy swamp which means I can't mow for weeks, the weeds will spring up faster than I can pull them, and the mosquitos will hatch by the millions... 

BUT...I am not fleeing a fire, my home is safe, my grass is green, we are not on water rations,
and even our Texas heat seems bearable. I am grateful for the rain and pray for those who need it. We are often tested by the inequality in life, but if everything were perfect and equal we would have no need of each other's compassion, service, and prayers, which are the best of our human nature.

p.s. in 2015 I finally created scrapbooking layouts of these photos:)


  1. Beautifully said! Cute pictures, and it has been a fun rainy week:)

  2. Nice. I love reading your posts. The pictures are really great too!