Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blissful Bites

Christmas in July is always a good idea especially when it involves superb deliciousness in the shape of a cupcake. We had our annual Nellie's Cottage Christmas in July event last week and over 100 cupcakes went out the door, not including the ones I personally tasted:) My daughter Brittany launched her gourmet cupcake bakery "Blissful Bites"

She had a beautiful display, creatively using decorative items scattered around my home. I especially like the shiny and shimmery fabric stuffed inside glass vases for pedestals, genius!...not to mention my bracelet around the candle, and Christmas balls inside a wedding box used for gift envelopes. 

The cupcakes lived up to their blissful name with comments such as "This is the best cupcake I have EVER tasted". Sounds of ummmm, ohhhhhh, and wooooowww, filled the cottage as guests tasted the cupcakes. My personal favorite of the day was key lime pie, and reeses, and lemon blackberry, and is too hard to choose:)

Cupcakes were packaged in an adorable way for guests in a hurry! Too many of us are in a hurry...guilty says I:)

I am not sure how I feel about this bakery residing in my home. How can I possibly be expected to refuse to be a taste tester? Supporting my children in all of their endeavors has been a way of life for me. Sadly, not even my imminent 30 year class reunion was incentive enough NOT to eat the last remaining key lime cupcake on display..... I should probably keep my treadmill as it is at the moment...stuck on number 9 incline!

p.s. Congrats baby girl, I feel like all of those times when my kitchen was a complete disaster after Christmas cookie decorating when you were a little girl have all been vindicated for NOW not only can you can clean up your own mess but best of all you have your very own little mess maker:)

Visit Brittany's new website/blog

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  1. So cute! Love all the descriptive words and thank you for letting your house be an utter disaster and helping me launch Blissful Bites! I love you:)