Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding with a View

My oldest son became a husband to a beautiful Welsh girl and stepdad to 3 adorable little boys all in one day!

It was quite a two year journey to get to this point but that isn't really my story to tell! 

My part of the story (besides mothering a sweet son, and wearing out my knees in prayer on his behalf!) is the decorating, cake, flowers, food AND... "Can we pull this together in extremely short notice" part! My children do not historically give me much time to leisurely put together a wedding. One son gave 6 weeks, a daughter 9 weeks and this son? Three very short weeks! I take comfort in the knowledge that the decision process to get married is longer and actually well thought out. If my last child will give me more time to pull together a wedding she will become my favorite child permanently!

We had a beautiful backyard setting on a mountain side in Utah. Plans were chairs, tables, linens, and an arch. Pick out a few things from a friend of a friend who has an event center. Most important...find a chocolate fountain and pay big money for the good chocolate, the kind from Belgium:)

The worst part of doing the wedding? Putting fondant on the cake! Utah is much dryer than Texas and so is the fondant. Several attempts spanning the whole afternoon were made to get that darn cake covered with fondant. It kept cracking and falling off. Finally we were in the last quarter of time, and last box of fondant, and last stash of crisco when it worked...well at least we had a "good side." The cake was sprayed with edible spray paint, the pearls "glued" on, flowers added to the top and a really wide satin ribbon added to hide a few of the flaws. The cake was leaning to one side so we pushed it over on the pedestal to make it look straight.
Imagine our surprise when the pictures of the cake looked so good!

Last job on the cake...taking it down the stairs to the table, which I gave to the groom who passed it on to to a buddy:)

 I created this "layout" for the table with embossed, metallic, & printed papers, borders punched with a Martha Stewart punch, trim, flowers from Spare Parts, vintage lace, and a satin bow. The Jasmine cricut cartridge was used for the letters.

It was a beautiful and simple wedding with a few surprises, like the boys escaping up the balcony to blow bubbles on the wedding, the youngest boy getting up and holding hands with the bride and groom, and the baby flower girl making another pass down the aisle with the rose petals after the wedding had started! I love these moments. They are the ones we remember best...the interesting bits, the less than perfect, the bloopers of life:)

From this experience and journey I have a new understanding of our hearts...they are meant to continually expand, to love, and to cherish not only those who are in our blood line but all those who become a part of our life. Happiness is love, and the more to love, the merrier:)

p.s.These pictures became a beautiful album with bling!

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