Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scrapbooking with a toddler

A few weeks ago I was happily scrapbooking in the peaceful morning quiet when Annabelle came running as fast as she could down the hall yelling Nammie (grammie)! I moaned a bit to myself knowing my quiet time was over and my creative juices were about to be frustrated. She climbed right up beside my desk on some vintage suitcases and leaned over the desk.
I said "Grammie is scrapbooking." 
She repeated the word minus the R, and then in her halting toddler English
she said "Abeww scap book too?"
My heart just melted:) I put away my project & got out the star punch & some scraps.
She took to this like a little duckling to water..that's my girl:)

Brittany taught her to glue, turn it over and press!

This experience made me reflect on mankind's desire to create, to make something of our own, to accomplish something, to enhance the beauty around us. It is a strong desire to succeed, to create!
There are really stressful days when I long to sit and create a random page, or sew some trim on something...anything! When I do sit down to create I actually feel a peace wash over my frantic soul and I am at home within myself. I think of the beautiful world around me, the endless creations and realize where this creative desire comes from...God himself.

Annabelle and I have since made many star, & heart pages. She now has a preference for pink stars:) My paper scraps have a new purpose, to teach Annabelle to joy of creating, learning colors and shapes but mostly giving her the confidence and skills to bring joy to the world with her very own brand of creativity!

The glueing stars evolved on to stickers, much less messy! She promptly discovered the fun of sticking images to her body parts...see she is thinking creatively on her own already:)

Tip: partially stick the stickers to a cricut mat so they can easily be pulled
off and put on paper, or toes, or tummies:)
Another thing I realized with her little plea "Abeww scrapbook too?" is that others want to join in, they want to create something of their own. Maybe we could look around and see the possibilities of sharing. Think what this would mean to mom's & kids at a homeless shelter, long term patients in the hospital, or kids in a disadvantaged neighborhood housing complex. Being published as a scrapbooker must feel amazing, creating pretty layouts feels fabulous, but teaching others to create would be the MOST wonderful, joyful feeling in the world...I think I will try it!

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  1. Love this! She definitely gets satisfaction out of scrapbooking!