Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amateur with a staple gun!

I inherited 4 beautiful wrought iron barstools when we moved into our house. The fabric wasn't my favorite but it is my personal policy to NEVER turn down free furniture!

Two of the stools were broken from the beginning and a third bit the dust recently. It was a plastic part that broke inside the stem of the chair rendering these magnificent chairs useless! Ahh... but being the "do it your selfers" that we are, the problem was solved with a foot of pcv pipe wrapped in duck tape!
No self respecting southerner would attempt to fix ANYTHING without trying duck tape as a first option:) We actually had some friends in college that had duck tape in the engine of their dilapidated car.
 It is a fact woman cannot live by function alone, so I went in search for the perfect fabric, not to trendy, not too boring, and combining all of my decorating colors. Hobby Lobby had the perfect fabric which was sweet since my darling son had given me a gift card for mother's day. Just look at the difference a fabulous printed fabric makes!

I am solidly on the amateur list for such a project, solely motivated by the money saved by doing it myself. It might not make an DIY show but I am pretty proud of my effort:)

Instructions...well at least my version! 
First carefully pull off the backing so it can be used again.
I left the original fabric on...why work harder than necessary?
I used Michael's mini compressor staple gun tool.
Always start in the middle of a side.

I just followed the original coverings when I got to the corners, first a shallow tuck just before the corner and then a tight wrap of the corner using plenty of staples.

I am so pleased with my project. Paisley fabric, staples, pcv pipe, & duck tape...what's not to love:) 

 I am inspired to try a more difficult upholstery project. Who knows? I might even manage to transform the hideous country pink rocker from Nannie into a modern marvel of creative that would be a miracle:)

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