Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A glittery monogram

I was cruising though the channels as I trudged on my treadmill one night when I saw it....the mother load of glitter offered on HSN. I normally avoid HSN for the dangerous nature of it's contents, however, when I saw the title Martha Stewart crafts on the TV guide I succumbed to my raccoon like instincts to posses anything shiny:) This glitter is truly beautiful. It shimmers and shines in a way I do not remember from my childhood glitter. I bought the whole set, enough to last a lifetime!

One the projects perfect for this glitter was a monogram A for Annabelle's room. 
Hobby Lobby has these new huge wooden letters!

Annabelle's new bedding was the inspiration for the colors.

 Brittany used a chevron stamp with antique gold paint for the background. 
Perfect not required!

To make the letter show up more I painted hot pink acrylic paint on the edges.

I had these chipboard flowers in my scrapbook stash which were 
mod podged with the new glitter. We didn't have purple glitter, so one flower was 
painted purple then topped with a thin layer of mod podge & white glitter.

We laid out the flowers for placement and then used
 hot glue to adhere the chipboard flowers to the A.

A is for Annabelle, who is adorable and actually into crafts as a 2 year old:)
I am now looking around my house for more fun things to glitter.
 I am leaning toward something one of my retreaters said recently 
"I have a special relationship with my glitter!"

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