Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Shutters...a little bit of New Orleans flair

I love New Orleans flair. I love the colorful shutters, wrought iron gates, and hanging ferns that give New Orleans it's unique decorative flavor. 

When we built our home in 1995, I had shutters on my wish list but, as most first time builders, we found that our wish list needed to be chopped as the building progressed. 
This year,
this month, 
my shutters finally became a reality!

Shutters make a difference!

This was one of our more fun DIY projects:) We began with cedar fence pickets and wrought iron pieces from Hobby Lobby (half price of course!)

6 ft pickets were less expensive. We needed 8 ft shutters so Michael
cut the dog ears off the pickets and cut the boards to size.

These are the decorative front cross pieces.
He cut cross pieces for the backside to stabilize the shutters.

We primed then painted the shutters with 2 coats of a beautiful teal blue.

This is what happens when painting is done too late in the day
and the dew settles on wet paint:)

I distressed the whole shutter with black paint paying
extra attention to the edges of the boards.

Annabelle "helping?"

I smile a big smile every time I pull into the driveway! 
Good things DO come to those who wait...even if it takes 17 years!


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I loved your vision. They're gorgeous

  2. Love these shutters. Great job and the color is perfect.