Friday, October 5, 2012

Absolutely creatively free:)

When is the last time you made something and celebrated everything about your creation without even so much as one negative thought about how it could have been better? I have been thinking about this all week about after seeing the pure joy on my granddaughters face as she finger painted. She was filled with such merriment as she drew what she declared were pumpkins, fish, bears, daddy, and trees. In reality they were the enthusiastic scribbles of an almost two year old. We praised every little brush stroke and with each positive declaration that she was an artist she beamed! She then painted her hands and legs and toes and exclaimed "Annabelle did it!"

I marvel at her self confidence, enthusiasm, and delight in all of her own creations. 
As I observe her joy I want to feel this way again. I need to forget about following the DIY tutorials and professional project instructions. I would like to ignore the rules governing the perfectly decorated room in the magazine and do something unexpected just because it makes me smile. I want to experience the wonder of my unique creative talents instead of comparing them to others. I really want to be able to look at my latest project and declare to myself...good job, that is amazing, you are an artist... and declare as Annabelle...I did it!
I want to feel the total freedom of creative joy that Annabelle feels!

Why do we shy away from, and even shun compliments?
Is it possible to enjoy, and with humility, momentarily indulge in wonder of our unique creations? 

I want to fully immerse myself in the peace and joy I feel in the process of creation. 
I want to forever banish the voice in my head that finds the flaws. I need to take my own advice that I give in album classes I teach..."This is not an English paper ladies, it is a craft does not have to be perfect!"
I want to feel like Annabelle...maybe I should finger paint my toes too:)

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