Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A few nights after Christmas

It was a few nights after Christmas and all through the house,
 not a creature was stirring except Mom as quiet as a mouse.
Catching up on things neglected, the bills that were due, the
letters and thank you's and blog posting too:)
The presents were opened, the feast was consumed, 
 & she just spent hours and hours cleaning her room.
The children had driven and flown back to their homes, 
how glad she was not to have been all alone.
Oh the tinsel, and wrapping, and planning galore,
the shopping and cooking and baking some more.
She had flown to the window to see them arrive,
 so well and so happy, and seeming to thrive.
Is this not the reason for gathering so, 
the memories we're making with time not so slow.
The season of joy and of goodwill to men,
a worship of Him who brought hope here again.
Yet... her eyes drooped with fatigue and her body screamed TIRED,
she thought...maybe next year I'll boycott or better, retire! her mind reflected on the last few days
her heart swelled with joy in all of the ways
that Christmas changes the world for a few glorious days.
She thought once again and knew without nary a doubt
she would do it ALL again because family is what Christmas is all about!

Blankets by Grammie:)... and Aunt Mitzi who rescued Grammie and helped tie them!

Our boxer Brandi is 10 years old, we never know if this is her last Christmas.

The hit of the season...Nerf gun games!

Our own family nativity..the shepherds pretended to be ninjas but it worked:)


And to all a good night!


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