Sunday, December 2, 2012

A heart wide open

At the beginning of November I set out to write a note of thanks each day of the month. 
I wanted to let those who have touched my life know how grateful I am for their influence. The first day slipped away without a note written, days 2 & 3 went forward to 15 days after that when I remembered my promise, my goal. It seemed daunting, I was more than half a month behind. 
I simply could not fail because I made a public declaration on this very blog! 
So I sat down with cards and pen and began to think and write. I managed 15 notes in the first sitting. 

The miracle was not in the task accomplished but in the way I felt. Gratitude filled my heart, my life was truly blessed, and I was happy! 
A few more days went by and it became apparent that my daily note writing skills were sorely lacking. November 29 came and I panicked....15 notes behind and today there was no time. November 30th arrived and I sat down at 10:30 pm to finish my notes. I struggled to think of people I wanted to write, not for any lack of inspiring people in my life but rather from the race with the clock. I cranked out seven notes by midnight, still 8 short to reach my goal. 
Was this about time and dates OR about gratitude, example, and my blessings?
My over achiever self granted forgiveness and I had the most wonderful experience writing those last few notes, not in November, but on December 1rst. As I wrote each note became longer, my heart was more full, and I felt more gratitude. It occurred to me that I had finished my task in the month we celebrate Christ's birth, the month of goodwill to all men, the month peace seems more possible. 
What makes this magic?
I believe it is because we were looking outside of ourselves. 
Gift giving abounds, homemade and heartfelt goodies are presented with love for the receiver, in short we are all doing what Christ did...showing love to everyone. I am glad I wasn't on my game enough to finish my notes in November. I am glad it gave my heart a grand entrance into the Christmas season...wide open and full of gratitude!

p.s. This is my original post about these notes.


  1. Very inspiring Kimberly.

  2. Very proud of you! I am so grateful I have a Mother to look up to. I love you Mom.