Monday, December 3, 2012

Ruffles on the run:)

There is nothing cutter than ruffles on the run:)

I learned to sew when I was 12. I made a light blue skirt and vest and matching purse (yuck!) I was hooked! Lucky for me my Aunt Betty kept me supplied with a steady stream of fabric which kept me in the latest fashions...homemade style. The kind of clothes my girls would not have been caught dead in!
I gave up sewing when the girls outgrew ruffle and bows, but now I am back in the ruffle business with my granddaughters:) I will have to give up my matching obsession at some point but for now while they are little I can matchy matchy all I want!

I stated with charming fabric with a pear motif which can morph from fall to a partridge in a pear tree.

My one little girl pattern disappeared so I traced the bodice from another dress and cut a column 3 inches wider than the chest measurement, which I gathered onto the bodice. I cut 5 inch strips of alternating fabric to create the ruffles. I sewed the trim on the strips before I gathered the ruffles.

I placed the ruffles on the skirt column for placement and then measured and pinned the ruffle before sewing.

Eyelet, giant rickrack, and sheer ribbon sewed into pleats make this dress!

I stand corrected...... these little darlings make these dresses:)

So...can you guess which baby goes with which daddy:) Love it!