Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Babies are helpless for OUR sake

I had been whining in my heart and mind. I was weary of living with a two year old grandchild.
I wanted my peace and quiet back. I wanted to work, read or craft uninterrupted for hours without Annabelle finding me.
I even heard my naughty side say to myself... "I just want my life back"
 and "I have already DONE this!"
Brittany and Travis and Annabelle moved in last May to save money for a house.
It has been a joy, an adventure, and some days a challenge for me and...them.

Families are not convenient, and babies NOT at all and another baby was on the way.
I had mixed feelings.
I was thrilled with another sweet baby joining our family.
I also had a bit of trepidation about LIVING with another sweet baby:)

THEN Scarlett Claire made her appearance last Wednesday.
She was soft and pink and perfect, a miracle.
I determined to repent of my selfishness.

On the way home from the hospital after witnessing Scarlett's birth I had one of those flashes of pure and true thought...
Babies are helpless so that we may learn what God is trying teaching us.
Nothing is more important than our families.
Nothing is more important than people.
Nothing will bring us more joy or cause us to learn more valuable lessons than learning to care for people.
God, himself is in the people business.
I have been in the people business for a long time now and I am not done. I have obviously not had all the selfish thoughts purged from my head. My heart is still a little closer to Grinch size than I want to admit. I need my children more than they need me. I need my grandchildren more than they need me. I need my friends and neighbors more than they need me.
I am not finished yet.

I wish I could declare that I will never have a selfish thought again.
I do know that I have been made painfully aware of how far I need to go.
I will always remember that these babies are helpless for MY sake.


  1. Thanks for the insight...I need to learn this better with my own little one. Motherhood is way more terrifying than anyone lets on! My baby is a joy, but sometimes I wish she could take care of herself. But then she smiles at me when I change her diaper, or change her or play with her, and I just melt. One moment at a time =)

  2. Such a great post. Living with others definitely has ups and downs.

  3. We appreciate you letting us live with you! It's been wonderful and I know challenging at times but we love being close to the family. Soon, you will get your peace back... mostly... since we'll be in the backyard;) Love you!