Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Biltmore Mansion

We had a lovely trip to North Carolina for our daughter's "second reception" hosted by the groom's family. Charlotte is beautifully covered in a wide variety of trees, rolling hills and apparently is the queen's city?...that is a google research subject next time I am waiting around in a doctor's office:)

Once I knew that the Vanderbilt mansion was in drivable distance I couldn't find anything else I wanted to see more!
George Vanderbilt inherited a 20 billion in family fortune and as a 33 year old bachelor decided to build a french chateau inspired palace in the hills of North Carolina. I was awestruck by the brick ceilings, velvet wall coverings, and multiple pantries:) I was impressed to learn that George was kind to his servants. One maid recorded that she came to the mansion as an orphan. On her first night serving in the main dining room she dropped a plate of china on the floor breaking several pieces. George got up from the table and helped her pick up the mess, never scolding. It is always nice to hear about wealthy people who are kind:)

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, however the exterior of the mansion and gardens are spectacular! I was in picture taking heaven!

I came away with a list of ideas for my house and landscaping:)
My daughter said "Mom this is way you can never relax!"
Guilty! I just love beauty in all forms which requires work!

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