Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flowers in 3D

I needed a creative snack one night so at midnight I started this project. Limiting myself to making only 12 soothed the sensible voice in my head that said I should be in bed!
If only I had that same discipline with M&Ms...
I currently have no idea what project these flowers will be used for, but it will be fabulous:)

These 3D stamps are simply several different sizes of the same flower design which you then can layer for a fun dimensional effect. I love multi-colored stamp pads for these types of embellishments. I used different parts of the ink for slightly different color combinations.

The stamp on white cardstock is lovely, however I decided to ramp up the flowers & leaves by coloring in the design with watercolor pencils. I chose 3 different colors and randomly colored the flowers. It felt like I was back in grade school which was a nice break from being a responsible adult:)

The next step is to blend the colors with a wet paint brush. Be careful about the amount of water on the brush-don't soak the paper. After the paper dried I cut each flower and leaf. Cutter Bee scissors are my favorite!

Glue dots were used on the first two layers then regular glue stick for the next two.
I find that scrapbook embellishments work better for scanning if they are not too high off the page.
Liquid or tacky glue holds better on rhinestones.

And there you have creative midnight snack!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding bling! a One event/One design album

Wedding bling at its best!
My son married a beautiful girl from Wales AND her 3 little boys last August, which means I inherited 3 adorable new grandsons! This album was a wedding gift from me to my new daughter-in-law:)

Here are just a few pages...
Album details:
classic black cardstock, 
vintage lace, 
rhinestone ribbon trim, and
6 packages of K&CO dimensional flowers.

*All of my albums are scanned in for preservation, sharing online and the possibility of printing them later if I want a hard copy for me:)

I won the "bling" layout contest at the Scrapbook Expo
 in Grapevine Texas with this first layout!

Here's to love marriage and life adventurous with 3 little boys!

p.s. visit my post about the wedding!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day brunch

We all know that Mothers are servers. 
Imagine the pleasant surprise last year when my best friend Connie and I were presented with a beautiful brunch by our daughters! My daughters Brittany & Danielle have been best friends with her daughters Kayla & Kami all of their lives.

I love the circle of life and friendships in families:)

The brunch was delicious, the decorations fabulous and the company...well priceless! 
Kayla made the shabby chic napkin holders.
Mini pancake stack, egg cups, biscuits and gravy, kiwi fuit salad, & a donut kabob!
These super cute egg cups were added to our cottage catering menu!
Maverick & Annabelle added the entertainment:)

Connie & her girls
Me & my girls:)

Begin served by our daughters was humbling, and sweet. Service is a gift of love we can all share, both the giver and receiver!
Happy Mother's Day to all you servers out there, think of your service as the most important investment you will ever make...your family!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The joy of creating something for the first time:)

My sweet daughter in law Rhiannon has now felt the joy of creating her very first wreath! The inspiration for this wreath came from my other daughter in law Janene who is quite the creative genius!
I find that most people love creating, they just may not have had a chance to try out their creativity.
As with most of creative endeavors, we began with a trip to Hobby Lobby:) We hit the sale jackpot this week with a sale on wreaths and ribbon. I carefully explained to Rhiannon that one rarely ever has a reason to pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby because of their constant rotating store sales on different products. Pure genius on their part...don't you think?
One of my favorite parts of creating is how the "pile" of parts becomes something beautiful.

grapevine wreath, monogram letter, burlap fabric, burlap chevron ribbon, burlap flowers, straw butterfly, turquoise daisy, hot glue gun

The monogram letter was primed and them painted with Martha Stewart metallic textured paint. It is super thick and a bit hard to work with...won't use it again.

Burlap fabric was cut in 4 inch strips which were frayed by "peeling" off a thread or two on the edges.  Burlap strips were hot glued to wreath in a random back & forth pattern in a loose fashion.

This really fun burlap chevron ribbon was then hot glued to the burlap strips.

Rhiannon then made a simple bow with the burlap ribbon with a small strip of burlap fabric for the center.

The flowers were arranged to Rhiannon's taste:)...and hot glued on the wreath. 

This straw butterfly adds a fun and unique embellishment!

Kudos to Rhiannon for finding her creative mojo!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second Moms.....a retreat giveaway post

Our mothers have a profound effect on us, and obviously receive the lion's share of credit in raising us. Hopefully most of us have also experienced the joy of having at least one "second mom."
I recognize as a mother that I had help with my children from their "second moms."That help mostly came in the form of my sister, or sister in laws, school teachers, coaches, church youth leaders mother!

When I think of those second mothers I think of the women who were happy to see me when I had worn out the welcome mat with my mom:)
*Second moms are kind of like grandmothers.
*They are patient when you have worn out your mother's patience.
*They are more relaxed because they are not solely responsible for all of your physical needs.
*They listen better because the voice in their head isn't screaming
  "You can't let this go... she MUST learn her lesson!"
*They are tolerant and kind when you have used up all of your mother's kindness and then some.

I am grateful for the women I label "second moms"...

My Aunt Betty gave me fabric for sewing and money for extras and she sympathized with my teenage romances! I remember being 15 and sitting in my Aunt Betty's house when she told me
"I think your mom and dad should let you like that boy"...sorry mom:) Aunt Betty let me be her favorite and that was okay with me!

Noma or "Nomie" as I still call her today, was my youth leader as a teenager who inspired me to reach for the best kind of life. She was also my super sympathetic Ob nurse when I was having my first baby.
She is unaware of just how much of an impact she had on my life. I will always love her.

Aunt Helen was my cheerleader when I was renovating Nellie's Cottage. She was excited about every little thing I was doing to restore her childhood home. She was old fashioned and "fussed" about you as a way of loving. I was able to see her often before she died. She left this world with grace, dignity, and gratitude for those who cared for her. I miss her.

Second moms love...and that is why we love them. 
I hope some of my children's friends will look back someday and give me that label.
No one can replace my mom...but this Mother's Day I want to include those wonderful women in my tribute.
The most wonderful thing about being a second mom...ANY one can fill that role, young, old, married, unmarried, mothers and those with no children of their own. 

The world needs you...we need you...thank you our second moms!

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