Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day brunch

We all know that Mothers are servers. 
Imagine the pleasant surprise last year when my best friend Connie and I were presented with a beautiful brunch by our daughters! My daughters Brittany & Danielle have been best friends with her daughters Kayla & Kami all of their lives.

I love the circle of life and friendships in families:)

The brunch was delicious, the decorations fabulous and the company...well priceless! 
Kayla made the shabby chic napkin holders.
Mini pancake stack, egg cups, biscuits and gravy, kiwi fuit salad, & a donut kabob!
These super cute egg cups were added to our cottage catering menu!
Maverick & Annabelle added the entertainment:)

Connie & her girls
Me & my girls:)

Begin served by our daughters was humbling, and sweet. Service is a gift of love we can all share, both the giver and receiver!
Happy Mother's Day to all you servers out there, think of your service as the most important investment you will ever make...your family!

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