Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flowers in 3D

I needed a creative snack one night so at midnight I started this project. Limiting myself to making only 12 soothed the sensible voice in my head that said I should be in bed!
If only I had that same discipline with M&Ms...
I currently have no idea what project these flowers will be used for, but it will be fabulous:)

These 3D stamps are simply several different sizes of the same flower design which you then can layer for a fun dimensional effect. I love multi-colored stamp pads for these types of embellishments. I used different parts of the ink for slightly different color combinations.

The stamp on white cardstock is lovely, however I decided to ramp up the flowers & leaves by coloring in the design with watercolor pencils. I chose 3 different colors and randomly colored the flowers. It felt like I was back in grade school which was a nice break from being a responsible adult:)

The next step is to blend the colors with a wet paint brush. Be careful about the amount of water on the brush-don't soak the paper. After the paper dried I cut each flower and leaf. Cutter Bee scissors are my favorite!

Glue dots were used on the first two layers then regular glue stick for the next two.
I find that scrapbook embellishments work better for scanning if they are not too high off the page.
Liquid or tacky glue holds better on rhinestones.

And there you have creative midnight snack!

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