Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second Moms.....a retreat giveaway post

Our mothers have a profound effect on us, and obviously receive the lion's share of credit in raising us. Hopefully most of us have also experienced the joy of having at least one "second mom."
I recognize as a mother that I had help with my children from their "second moms."That help mostly came in the form of my sister, or sister in laws, school teachers, coaches, church youth leaders mother!

When I think of those second mothers I think of the women who were happy to see me when I had worn out the welcome mat with my mom:)
*Second moms are kind of like grandmothers.
*They are patient when you have worn out your mother's patience.
*They are more relaxed because they are not solely responsible for all of your physical needs.
*They listen better because the voice in their head isn't screaming
  "You can't let this go... she MUST learn her lesson!"
*They are tolerant and kind when you have used up all of your mother's kindness and then some.

I am grateful for the women I label "second moms"...

My Aunt Betty gave me fabric for sewing and money for extras and she sympathized with my teenage romances! I remember being 15 and sitting in my Aunt Betty's house when she told me
"I think your mom and dad should let you like that boy"...sorry mom:) Aunt Betty let me be her favorite and that was okay with me!

Noma or "Nomie" as I still call her today, was my youth leader as a teenager who inspired me to reach for the best kind of life. She was also my super sympathetic Ob nurse when I was having my first baby.
She is unaware of just how much of an impact she had on my life. I will always love her.

Aunt Helen was my cheerleader when I was renovating Nellie's Cottage. She was excited about every little thing I was doing to restore her childhood home. She was old fashioned and "fussed" about you as a way of loving. I was able to see her often before she died. She left this world with grace, dignity, and gratitude for those who cared for her. I miss her.

Second moms love...and that is why we love them. 
I hope some of my children's friends will look back someday and give me that label.
No one can replace my mom...but this Mother's Day I want to include those wonderful women in my tribute.
The most wonderful thing about being a second mom...ANY one can fill that role, young, old, married, unmarried, mothers and those with no children of their own. 

The world needs you...we need you...thank you our second moms!

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  1. This one is hard to even know where to begin. The influence of second moms on me has been monumental. When I moved in with the Carter family in high school I do no think I could have ever imagined then the impact it would have upon my life. When I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to share my successes with, or simply someone to talk to, Mary Carter is always there. She has shown me what I want in my family. She teaches in many ways but mostly by example of the type of Christlike woman I desire to become. On this Mother's Day I give tribute to this amazing woman who loves me like one of her own.
    I have had several other women while I was in college who took me under their wing and allowed me to be a part of their family. Marsha Ault, when I lived in Lufkin, and Anita Speed when I moved to Beaumont. Once I married and moved to Vidor I followed the example of many of those older than myself for the way to go.
    Kim, I am sure my children, most especially Amy, include you in their list of 2nd moms. Happy Mother's Day to all, young and old and all in between.

    1. Monumental influence...we all have that on someone for good or bad. Thank you for reminding me!

  2. I loved this post! I remember Judy Webb signed in at my wedding reception "Mama Judy" and it has forever touched my heart, she was like a second Mom to me. I was a convert like her and without daughters she was so sweet to me. I appreciated her looking out for me and inviting me over to watch the YW broadcast on her computer on night and many other things. I have a great many "2nd Moms" but this came to mind first.

  3. I loved your post! Some of us have moms that physically raised us, but weren't very warm and fuzzy kind of moms. It can leave some real "mom gaps" in your heart when you don't feel like you can call your mom for some sympathy or empathy in a tough situation. Thankfully, God provided me with a wonderful mother in law that loved me like her own! Laura Durham was was awesome Christian woman and such an example to me of how to try and raise my own children! And then there is Shirley Rogers who lives in Colorado...she was our CE director at church and I can't say how many times I sat in a chair in her office, and she listened and counseled me through tears and laughter and also taught me so much about God and helped me build a relationship with him. She was the wind beneath my wings! Thanks for letting me share about my 2nd moms. Oh I call Shirley "Momma 2." :)

    1. I hope the "Mom gaps" have all been filled with those wonderful women and your children:)

  4. Brenda Delhomme, my best friends mom, always will be my second mom. While my house was warm and inviting and we knew we (my siblings and I) were loved....Ms. Brenda's house was always the place for fun and candid conversation. She was the COOL mom...the one who let you stay up late playing hide and seek in her house, the one who let you throw a party and stayed up to chaperone while remaining totally incognito in her "cool mom" attire. She made the best homemade macaroni in the world, and was never too busy when it was requested. She was a single mom, but that didn't stop her from being a special 2nd mom to not only me, but many others as well. Faced with the fact that I will never be able to have children of my own, I can only hope that I will one day be referred to as 2nd mom by some of the young guys and gals that are a part of my life. Thank you for letting me share :) Happy Mother's Day to you my mom...and to my 2nd mom, Ms. Brenda!

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