Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Poppyseed Pot Welcome!

I was taught to believe in southern hospitality. My grandmother Nellie always had a smile, goodie and gift for guests. I finally found my signature welcome gift for retreats at Nellie's Cottage! This gift is homemade with my hands and given with my heart. It reflects the baking skills handed down from Nellie and the crafty gene from my mom.
The idea began with a simple baking pan from Wilton and ended with shabby chic handmade flowers "growing" in poppyseed bread, chocolate cake, or banana bread pots. Every time I make these I have to smile at this simple way to say "I am glad you are here and will do everything in my power to make your retreat a pleasant and memorable one! Welcome to the Cottage!

Wilton pan
Chocolate cake with a glaze
Poppyseed cake
Making flowers & watching Project Runway:)

I do add one flower layer on the back so they can be seen from all sides
I hand cut and then crumpled the leaves.

Having a signature treat or gift is wonderful to have for party favors, gift giving and treat taking to friends and family. You can have everything on hand ready to go at a moments notice without agonizing over what to take "this time".
What will you create for your signature treat?

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