Monday, June 10, 2013

Slumber party photo box crafting

My crafting motto is.."If anything can be embellished then DO IT!
I bought a plain white photo box at Hobby Lobby
which became a vintage piece of art work!

I use this box for my sales receipt books and calculators at Nellie's Cottage.
The center is a resin flower from an old child's toy!
This is super easy to do:
Cut strips of various papers (possibilities of color and pattern...unlimited!)
Beginning on the inside top of the box Mod-Podge small sections of the photo box with a brush or sponge then add the strips of paper as you please:) Repeat for lid.
Cover the entire box and lid with paper, ink if desired.
Hand cut a variety of paper circles, crumple the layers, ink the edges and glue on the lid.
Cover the entire box and lid with a generous coat of Mod-Podge.
Make sure you mod-podge each layer of the flower.
Tip...set box & lid on top of plastic cups to dry overnight.
I chose the matte finish for my project. 

*NEVER leave any project with Mod Podge in a hot car or in direct sunlight (not that I know why!)

These are great for party activities and favors... and it keeps kids busy for ages:) 
These creations are from a girls youth group slumber party
These are from a summer scrapbooking camp
This is also one of my projects I keep on hand for retreaters.
Recently, one of my retreaters needed a project and created her own after seeing mine at the cottage.

I love these types of "endless possibilities" creative projects! What colors will you choose?

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