Sunday, July 7, 2013


If I had to choose just one favorite word 
it would be CREATE.

This word covers everything I want to do in my life...
Create a happy marriage.
Create a peaceful home environment.
Create close relationships with all of my children.
Create a Grammie camp each summer for the grandchildren:)
Create a beautifully landscaped yard.
Create albums that I can leave as a legacy of family history in photos.
Create joy by making beautiful things out of glue, paper, ribbon, and paint:)
Create a better community by serving in organizations.
Create a more healthy me by juicing more.
The list is endless!

Everything is created, good and bad.
That is why I "created" this fun piece of wall remind me that happiness and joy is created.
Beauty is created.
Successful family life is created.
Fun pieces of wall art are created:)
Polite children are created.
Fabulous meals are created.
Charming & cozy retreat venues like Nellie's Cottage are created!
Character is created.

I want to create a happy life and for me part of that happiness is sitting down with glitter, glue, fabric, ribbon and paper!

I began with glittered letters (Martha Stewart glitter)

Cream burlap was wrapped around an 11x14 canvas and stapled.
Assorted trims were hot glued in borders.
The glittered letters were hot glued to the burlap.

This was a fun piece however, it needed something more! I painted a wooden frame from Michaels in a matte antique gold. The canvas was hot glued to the frame. The project still needed something more so I found this heavy ribbon in my stash and hot glued it to the canvas and frame creating a "wave" look to the ribbon border. Then it looked finished and perfect to me:)

I chose to hang my artwork on a wall in my sewing/craft room wall. I look directly at the piece as I sit creating, how appropriate:)

What is your favorite word?

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