Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fire, flood, & bugs that eat your house

In the last month we have had disaster after disaster and I have been on the verge of a breakdown!
This is the list...

*Termites-(the really bad ones that can eat a house in 3 months) at not one but 2 of our leased houses-$900x2

*Giant oak tree that fell in storm-$1200

*I finally got a family into a lease to own house (one with termites and tree down) only to find that every single plumbing things that could go wrong including the washer draining that was draining into the walls of the house for 2 weeks before we caught it-$2000
I want to murder the person responsible but I don't like cramped spaces and look terrible in orange jumpsuits so I will just keep eating more and more chocolate. 

*Rental mobile home burned down because the tenant (who was behind on rent and 3 days late leaving the property) had a friend helping to pack who put a box on the stove, which turned on the burner. The friend threw water on the fire which did not help and so the house is gone. $20K
AND they did not even apologize!

*Fence around pool is still not finished after almost 2 months...grandchildren are here!

*We are in the final stages of building the apartment on our property for daughter & family and construction is stressful!

I keep hoping for a day where everything is in order and nothing needs repairing, renovating or building! 

In of my friends..the kind that you can let it all hang out with and she still loves you, is moving!

Needless to say I have been fairly close to the edge and then to top it off
I got one of those "Honey, I had a wreck but I am okay" phone calls.

A truck plowed into the back of my hubby, pushed him into another car and took off. My husband got the ambulance to take him to work and he worked his 12 hour shift in the ER.
His Mini Cooper is toast. He is okay.

As I was driving to pick him up I realized that none of the other disasters mattered.
My eyes filled with tears and I knew that heaven had intervened.

The key word is perspective. 

The challenge is maintaining perspective when you feel like you are on a roller coaster that never stops. 
It would be nice if we could shop for things we need like perspective, patience, and the ability to be calm in the face of anything. 
My Amazon cart would be full!
I am still hoping for a day with nothing that needs fixing but at least for a while I will look at my hubby & remember that fire, floods, and bugs that eat your house are not the worst problems of all!

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