Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sand between my toes

Our family's first annual vacation with the tribe ALL married took us to Pensacola. We were willing to drive 7 hours in 3 cars with 6 children just to walk in white sand. We love our home beaches, but they are definitely on the wrong side of the muddy Mississippi river!
This type of lazy vacation suits us:)
Everyone was so excited for our "no schedule for the day" time as a family. 

I smiled with the first squish of the sand between my toes. I felt happy to sit under the umbrella holding the baby, taking pictures and occasionally braving the surf as I wondered...
What is it about the ocean?
About the waves gently crashing on the shoreline?
Why do we flock by the hundreds of thousands to beaches across the world?

When I looked around and saw my husband digging a "swimming pool" in the sand, the boys jumping above the waves, my daughters in law chatting, and the happy squeal of the baby girls, I knew the answer. As the sound of the waves worked their magic on my frazzled and frantic self, I knew the answer. 
The ocean makes us happy.
It is majestic, mysterious and a creation of God.
It is a place of gathering for families and friends, a place of fun and a place of peace...

Imagine all of those feelings just for a bit of sand between my toes:)

 I think we just started a sandy, lazy vacation tradition with this trip... and that is just fine with me:)

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