Tuesday, August 20, 2013

With these pictures I fell in love...

with my daughter in law to be.

I met Janene in June, my son proposed in July, and they were married in August! How is it that I fell so completely and quickly in love with the one who would "take away" my son?
Her bridal pictures.
I offered to make an album and so for days I edited & cropped pictures of this beautiful creature.

She had me with that pouty lip in the rain.

She captured my heart with her mega watt smile.

She reeled me in with her sassy poses.

I was hooked:)

Janene added a another dimension of joy to our family. I have shared tender moments with her few mother-in-laws ever experience. She has embraced our family and made us her own.

I created this gallery style One Event/One Design album with borders, and "life like" rose stickers. When I scanned the pages in I added a vignette effect to the album photos. These are a few pages in this album. I love the sequence photos from when it began to rain, her face is priceless!

Happy Anniversary my sweet daughter, 
Thanks for loving my son, my sweet Savannah, and our family.
                                                                          Love Mom                              


  1. Your daughter-in-law is beautiful, her pictures are beautiful, but your book is the prettiest album I have seen in a long time. So simple, so elegant, so perfect.

    1. Thank you! I had 2 children get married within 4 months of each other ( I was the wedding planner!) so....I needed a classy & fast design to create albums for the engagement, wedding & reception pictures. That is when my "One event/One design" albums were born:)