Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beau or Bow?..... Twins revealed!

My son Aaron & lovely wife Janene, along with my sweet grandbaby Savannah will welcome twins to their home in December. What a Christmas this will be!
Janene is darling, talented and has an amazing gift for party planning and decor!
This was a fun gender reveal party that they had for friends and family.
Ask me if I am excited!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hoping I will look up

This morning I was reading in Isaiah 9 about the darkness over Israel until they should see a great light...Christ would be born. I read from chapter to chapter devouring the story line and understanding Isaiah in a new way. I literally could not stop reading. All through those chapters it is very clear what the Lord intends for, and has done to, those who refuse him.  And yet over and over again we read “For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.” The message of His arm or hand being stretched out is written over 75 times in the Bible.
As I read this phrase over and over again, I was suddenly filled with images of Annabelle in her worst moments of frustration, her parents reaching out to her over and over again, even when she refuses and cannot see because of her little two year old understanding. I realized that I am very often the Lord’s two year old Annabelle.  I felt his love wash over me as I envisioned his arm reaching down to me from heaven. It was clear that I could not stop reading this morning because this was the message He needed me to see.
I have had a rough summer with construction chaos, fire, & flood disasters, managing workers, a house full to the brim with bodies big and small:)... and a serious lack of any down time. I spent the summer avoiding God, not wanting to learn "this lesson" of challenges because whatever this was preparing me for..... I want no part of it! I was trying to do it all on my own as usual. 
My prayers sometimes tend to be more like wrestling matches than peaceful communing. It can be a mighty struggle to keep my mind focused, instead of the usual spinning and racing of a multi-tasker. I am glad his arm is always there, waiting for me to reach up. I am grateful that everyday is a chance to try again. I understand a little more about how He really feels about us because of the grandbabies. There is a bit more mercy and understanding in my weathered heart now. He is not a punisher, but restores, redeems and pleads for all of us. I understand His pleading on our behalf more as I sometimes plead Annabelle’s case, much to her parent’s annoyance:)
 I have more hope when reminded of his outstretched arm. I feel more motivated to keep enduring. I feel more love for the people around me. I have less meltdowns;)
My heart overflows with love for each of my family. I feel that intense love for them no matter what happens. He feels the same for me and is constantly reaching out, hoping I will look up and take his hand to help me along my way...which is precisely the miracle I needed to be reminded of this morning.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Rose Garden

I have a childhood memory of my grandmother Nellie in her large rose garden out back tenderly caring for her beautiful flowers. Roses are quite persnickety and require extra care to thrive and produce blooms. In the renovation and re-creation of Nellie's Cottage I wanted to have a rose room. My idea for hand painted roses was quite time consuming so the rose room became the smallest room in the house...the "powder room" as polite southern women say:)

I began with the mud using first a broom bottom, then a hand broom, then a large paint brush, medium paint brush, and finally a small paint brush. Dipping the brush (one size at a time) into the mud I simply made a circle on the wall in random places to avoid a perfect pattern.

The entire wall was primed and then I hand painted every circle with a dusty rose which was hideous!
So... I whitewashed over the walls a couple of times to soften the look:)

 An extremely talented mother-daughter team hand painted the roses. Only the small circles were painted. I originally thought we would do all of the circles but that would have been too much for such a small space. Thank goodness I listened to the artists!

The mother/daughter team moved and so only a few of the roses had leaves for almost three years until my niece Katri graciously agreed to finish the project this summer.

These roses are perfect for me...they need no water or pruning and the blooms never fade! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nellie's Cottage...our first commercial!

It was terrifying but I did it, my first TV commercial for the cottage. 
I will know what to do and what not do next time, but for now this is as good as my TV career gets:)

Go to this linked page below
Make sure you are on the "Golden Triangle" series (list on the left)
Look in top right box with blue sign
Click on "Best Kept Secret"
That is me:)