Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Rose Garden

I have a childhood memory of my grandmother Nellie in her large rose garden out back tenderly caring for her beautiful flowers. Roses are quite persnickety and require extra care to thrive and produce blooms. In the renovation and re-creation of Nellie's Cottage I wanted to have a rose room. My idea for hand painted roses was quite time consuming so the rose room became the smallest room in the house...the "powder room" as polite southern women say:)

I began with the mud using first a broom bottom, then a hand broom, then a large paint brush, medium paint brush, and finally a small paint brush. Dipping the brush (one size at a time) into the mud I simply made a circle on the wall in random places to avoid a perfect pattern.

The entire wall was primed and then I hand painted every circle with a dusty rose which was hideous!
So... I whitewashed over the walls a couple of times to soften the look:)

 An extremely talented mother-daughter team hand painted the roses. Only the small circles were painted. I originally thought we would do all of the circles but that would have been too much for such a small space. Thank goodness I listened to the artists!

The mother/daughter team moved and so only a few of the roses had leaves for almost three years until my niece Katri graciously agreed to finish the project this summer.

These roses are perfect for me...they need no water or pruning and the blooms never fade! 

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