Sunday, November 3, 2013

Faithful to the end

A friend died today. She had a once beautiful golden coat, spectacular white markings, and a faithful love that never faded. Her name was Brandi and she was our boxer. Eleven years and eight months to the day she brought joy to our family. As one daughter said to the other "She was the best friend to have after a break-up!" I look at the pictures of her sleeping on and next to my children and realize they needed her more than she needed them. Dogs never judge, always forgive, and are always there to welcome you home even if it was just a trip to Walmart. She was the best of us:)

I think we could learn a thing or two about how to treat those we love from these four footed companions.... 

Dogs stare at you with genuine adoration and love. 

They are never too busy for a good snuggle:)

They are patient with little people who annoy them. 

When they are irritated they just turn away instead of yelling or trying to make a point.

They get excited about simple little things like balls, treats, a trip to the beach, or even a stroll to the mailbox. They don't need an expensive vacation or fancy car to be content.

Dogs can find happiness in laying by a warm fire,  a good rub behind the ears, and singing along with the bagpipes:) They don't need a designer bed, Italian leather collar, or name brand doggie treats!

I didn't really want our first boxer in 1992, nor the second one in 1996, and I was really opposed to the third one in the late 90's. Adding dogs to the chaos of children was a challenge for me.
How is it then that I have shed so many tears today over our fourth and final dog? Brandi was easy to love. She was obedient, loyal, and brought great joy and peace to our family. My teenagers had someone to love when they weren't very lovable themselves. My husband had a faithful running companion. I had a protector when I was alone. Brandi assumed everyone was her friend and never met a stranger. 

All of these qualities she had...I need, we all need. Someone once said that we will never have peace on this earth until we learn to be kind to animals. I believe that we learn that pure kindness from our furry family friends.
Farewell Brandi...thank you for the unconditional love, the lessons you tried to teach, the protection and loyalty you so freely gave....we loved you because you loved us first.

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