Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pallet envy:)

I am in love with pallets...who would have thought! An interesting fact about design is when the economy is struggling people become more creative and innovative in DIY projects. I just plain love to take something old or ugly and make it beautiful:)
My love affair with pallets began with the creativity of my son-in-law Travis in the design of their new apartment. He designed pallet walls and ceilings and even a vent-a-hood. I was hooked when the first boards went on the wall and ceiling!
Pallets are made out of various hardwoods creating a multi colored look.

Travis carefully selected the boards to create this design.

Working with pallets requires quite an effort. It is no small task to cut the pallet boards off the frame...or so my hubby claims:) 

The pallets are quite dirty as you can imagine so we scrubbed them down with Dawn and gave them a good rinse. Annabelle was the boss..."Grammie, you scrub and I'll do the bubbles!" It doesn't take long for the pallets to dry in the sun.

Do not cut the pallets of the frame until you are ready to use them, they warp if left lying around for days.

After seeing Travis's pallet designs I simply had to find a pallet project for Nellie's Cottage. When we took down the wall between the kitchen and scrapbook store Michael framed the opening with pallets.
I love it! 
The whole cottage feels more roomy without sacrificing the cozy!


I am looking around to see what else I can cover with pallets:)

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