Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A wedding day in 1982

It was like a fairy tale...Girl meets tall dark and handsome stranger from a foreign country. They fall in love and are engaged in 6 weeks. His visa runs out and he returns to England. He attempts to return after a week only to find out he does not have the correct visa, so back to England he is sent. The young couple are devastated. They spend their engagement writing letters for the next 6 weeks. Finally on Thanksgiving day they are reunited with only 3 weeks before the wedding date. There is no job, housing or transportation! The father of the bride has been in high gear to help with the visa issue and now goes to work to help these children find a job, a house, and get the handsome foreigner enrolled in Lamar University!
The life happened....12 years of medical training, 4 children, 12 moves, 4 dogs, a fleet of cars and toys, 30+ jobs between us, a few trips to the emergency room, college and weddings for 4, and finally our reward...grandchildren:)

I finally did a make-over on my wedding album which was from the beginning of my scrapbook career and quite pathetic:) I know pink and burgundy are not in style but they were quite the thing in 1982! I created the borders with Martha Stewart punches and ribbon. The roses came from a K&Co card kit. Pearls complete the wedding look. I scanned in my original wedding photos and re-printed them for this album. All of my pictures are double matted on white & black cardstock. I took pictures of these layouts...scanning is MUCH better and recommended. I will do that soon. 

My parents Martha & Danny (left) married in April 1963.
June & Douglas Crossley married in August 1954

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