Friday, December 13, 2013

I could have rocked her all night...

I had Scarlett all to myself tonight. She is a pleasant, happy, and engaging baby of 8 months! We played peek a boo & "get Grammie's glasses." I attempted to help her to crawl but she flopped down on her tummy and army crawled to grab my cell phone. I gave her a bottle as she played with my hair. She practiced picking up peas for dinner and begged for my grown up food. We had a marvelous time as I blew on her tummy, kissed her cheeks loudly, and made silly sounds in hopes to see her new baby teeth peeking out in a big grin.
The best however, was yet to come.
After wrestling with one piece pj's and making her into a human burrito in her blanket, I gleefully ignored her mother's bedtime instructions taken from that anti-cuddling-rocking Baby Wise book and did what a Grammie should do...rock the baby to sleep. At first Scarlett would bob her head up and down on my shoulder, kick her feet, and grin at me in the semi darkness. As I sang and firmly patted her back to the music she began to settle down. Soon I could feel her relax in my arms as she sucked her tiny little thumb. I snuggled her fuzzy new hair and marveled at her soft cheeks. She is so chubby even her forehead is a bit squishy:)
One song led to a dozen. I couldn't find the will to put her in the crib. There is something magical and peaceful about rocking a baby. The ever present to do list faded away, and time stood still as I recorded those precious minutes in my heart. It was one of those moments when life becomes absolutely clear. I was filled with gratitude for the love this baby experiences on a daily basis. My joy was full there in the dark, in a small pink room rocking to my hearts content... long past "mother approved" schedules:)
Scarlett won't remember this night...
I will.
I will forever treasure how it felt this night with her warm sweetness snuggled in my arms, softly breathing. I will remember how she filled my heart with a deep tenderness and unforgettable love.

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  1. This story brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful moment spent and recorded. She may not remember it, but she will love to read what you wrote about her sweet self for many many years to come. So happy that you were wise enough to enjoy it and then to keep it for her sake. Thanks for reminding me, too!