Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's A Smash Life! A life project album

Life is messy, wonderful, and a very large PROJECT! 

   I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this album the minute I saw it! This has been one of the most enjoyable and meaningful projects I have never done...just for me:) I simply filled the blank pages from my heart. I wrote my thoughts, goals, dreams without script or plan. I didn't worry about my handwriting, proper English or my writing style. This book for me:) 
   I was a bit silly thinking I could get so much done in 2012...no problem... I just added 2013 to the font cover and now and adding 2014 as well! This is real life isn't it?..to keep skipping or plodding along, to keep trying, to continue evolving into the person we hope to be?
   The icing on this project is the fun and totally random embellishments I added to the pages. No rules or skills apply to this type of creativity!

I am having a class this Saturday the 10th with this project as well as 2 other fun New Years projects.
Visit my facebook event for all the info!

My list of Smash life pages is unique to me, make yours fit you!
This is my list: (I did them in no particular order)

More of the best things
Home Improvement
Nellie's Cottage to do
Furniture updates
Wish List
Fix it or Sell it
Album projects
My Creative Space
50th Birthday wish list (creating now)

I began the book with my spiritual journey of study. I chose a hymn "More Holiness Give Me"
Each line of the hymn becomes a point of study. I wrote a post about this quest in January 2012
"More...of the best things"

It is a happy smash life:) Enjoy!

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