Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Cinderella's WORK space:)

   I am like Cinderella...forever consigned to the kitchen & laundry room! That may be a bit dramatic however, when I had four children at home it sure felt like it. Through the years I have set up my "office" space in various places but seem to always come back to my laundry room. It is private and no one else desires to claim it as their own...hahah!
   I quite like the hum of the washer and dryer as I pay bills, blog, or edit pictures. It feeds my multitasking sense of accomplishment and ever present need to get more stuff done at once! I have an evolving picture gallery on the walls, some sayings I need to internalize, cute black bamboo boxes for storage, a cool metal calendar, and trusty scanner for scrapbook layouts.
   The steady tic-toc of my two clocks is strangely calming for someone who feels like time is an enemy on most days. I do love my color scheme and the freedom I feel to add whatever suits my fancy in this space. Having a work space that is beautifully decorated lends a bit of fun to laundry piles, bills, and paper work...well almost:) 

Details I love...

Metal Calendar with magnetic glass numbers. 
Cricut creation
Favorite crystal ornament my daughter gave me.
Glitter frames...and the James Bond & girl:)

Bamboo boxes for: lost socks, cameras,
postcards for Nellie's, & extra gifts on hand
Pull out shelf perfect for my filing box
Printed from Pinterest...need to observe!
My dad's old 8 track tape box I use for receipts.
My dads old brief case I use for Nellie's Cottage files.

This space is "WORK" space...
but this Cinderella doesn't mind spending time here because it belongs to just me:) 

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