Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scrapbook Expo at the Gaylord!

I am so very happy to be on vacation! And a scrapbooking extravaganza vacation makes it all the sweeter! I absolutely love the Gaylord makes me feel all Texas braggy right down to the tips of my short little toes:)

I will update and post pictures as the weekend progresses...

Deciding what pictures to bring to scrapbook...agonizing!
 I chose a trip to Israel with over 300 photos already organized into places visited.

Next...packing only supplies for one album. Well... 
absolutely everything I might possibly want in said album:)

Learning patience while being stranded and delayed 
almost 2 hours from start to finish with a flat tire only 30 miles from home!

 Finally arriving in the Dallas area to visit, cuddle, kiss, and play with 3 of my 
grandbabies for 2 glorious days before the event

Our first event at the Expo..a Mega Make and Take crop favorite project by Heidi Swapp

 Funny idea:)

Seriously need one of these Canon Selphy printers... 
Printed wirelessly straight from my phone!

My sister is actually cleaning out her purse...really? 
Is that the best you can do at a make and take crop?

On day two of the Expo I was so busy shopping and scrapping I forgot to take many pictures!

I began the morning with banana pudding
 since we had no microwave to have the oatmeal I brought... I wasn't too sad:)

My sister, Mitzi and I filmed our first sister video today 
for Scrapbook Weekly. We told the funny story of my hubby telling her hubby that 
scrapbooking was a nice cheap hobby...hahaha! Will share the video when it airs!

This is my most favorite display project in the entire convention!
I bought the paint kit to create these fabulous metal patina effects.
Those are real keys on the heart-brilliant!

Scrapbooking conventions are a wonderful way to meet new friends! We shared a shared a table with Sue and Kay for the weekend. We are now planning a retreat together!

The final night of the event was  Willie Wonka crop. Some groups put forth an unbelievable amount of effort into their table display. I really loved this "cake" made by an interior designer!

I gave up on my Israel album after the first day. I need to put it together when my hubby is around so he can help make sure I get the tours in the right order. That is what comes from scrapbooking a few years after the actual event!

These are some of our pages we put together at the convention...
Mitzi worked on her wedding album, circa 1990

I plan on making this an annual event with a loved one or two!
Have a look at my posts about our trip here last year...

Scrapbook Expo 2013 with my girls!

See some of my layouts from my Scrapbook Expo 2013 album

I won a contest last year!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birds on a string

I love to re-do and re-use old decorative items so "re-doing a re-do" is super satisfying:)

In the early days of Nellie's Cottage retreat my upstairs apartment was part of my accomodations.
It was called Nellie's Nest and had a bird motif.

I soon found that downstairs accommodations were much more needed so upstairs became a rental apartment again. The bird decor went into a box until it was freed last week to decorate my new addition!

I had originally created these birds in a frame using vintage quilt panels from Aunt Betty (one of Nellie's daughters). I simply added iron-on interfacing to the back of each panel and found some old 1980's frames in my attic...hoarding is sometimes a good thing:)

My daughter Brittany had a different idea for the new building and suggested the birds be freed from their frames! I trimmed the panels with my pinked edge rotary blade and hung them on some twine with medium sized clothes pins. Voila...birds on a string:)

I have other bird projects that I am working on for my new building...will post as I finish:)

See my original post about Nellie's Nest apartment

Keeping with the bird motif...this post was about my children leaving the nest!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Paper Heart Wreath

Just for the love of paper crafting... I made this fun Valentine wreath for inside my door. It occurred to me that I always have festive holiday wreaths that I see only for those few seconds when I am running through the door. Inside wreaths are holiday eye candy and less calories than the Valentine's chocolate I am anticipating from the hubby!

Begin by cutting 36 strips of double sided paper 2"x12". 
Choose which side you want to face out and then glue the ends together, gently molding/pinching into a heart shape. Repeat 36 times! You can use stick glue or adhesive however, if I was doing this again I would choose hot glue.

Adhere 5 hearts together to form a "flower." 
Make 6 "heart flowers" 
You will have 6 single hearts left over for filling in at the end.

Lay out the "heart flowers" and adhere the tops of 2 hearts together. 
Continue around the circle until all 6 "heart flowers" are connected.

There will be a space between each "heart flower"
Adhere a single heart in each of those spaces.

Add a heart embellishment to the middle of each "heart flower". 
Run a ribbon through the top 2 hearts and tie a bow. 

 Happy Valentine's Day!