Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birds on a string

I love to re-do and re-use old decorative items so "re-doing a re-do" is super satisfying:)

In the early days of Nellie's Cottage retreat my upstairs apartment was part of my accomodations.
It was called Nellie's Nest and had a bird motif.

I soon found that downstairs accommodations were much more needed so upstairs became a rental apartment again. The bird decor went into a box until it was freed last week to decorate my new addition!

I had originally created these birds in a frame using vintage quilt panels from Aunt Betty (one of Nellie's daughters). I simply added iron-on interfacing to the back of each panel and found some old 1980's frames in my attic...hoarding is sometimes a good thing:)

My daughter Brittany had a different idea for the new building and suggested the birds be freed from their frames! I trimmed the panels with my pinked edge rotary blade and hung them on some twine with medium sized clothes pins. Voila...birds on a string:)

I have other bird projects that I am working on for my new building...will post as I finish:)

See my original post about Nellie's Nest apartment

Keeping with the bird motif...this post was about my children leaving the nest!

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