Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scrapbook Expo at the Gaylord!

I am so very happy to be on vacation! And a scrapbooking extravaganza vacation makes it all the sweeter! I absolutely love the Gaylord makes me feel all Texas braggy right down to the tips of my short little toes:)

I will update and post pictures as the weekend progresses...

Deciding what pictures to bring to scrapbook...agonizing!
 I chose a trip to Israel with over 300 photos already organized into places visited.

Next...packing only supplies for one album. Well... 
absolutely everything I might possibly want in said album:)

Learning patience while being stranded and delayed 
almost 2 hours from start to finish with a flat tire only 30 miles from home!

 Finally arriving in the Dallas area to visit, cuddle, kiss, and play with 3 of my 
grandbabies for 2 glorious days before the event

Our first event at the Expo..a Mega Make and Take crop favorite project by Heidi Swapp

 Funny idea:)

Seriously need one of these Canon Selphy printers... 
Printed wirelessly straight from my phone!

My sister is actually cleaning out her purse...really? 
Is that the best you can do at a make and take crop?

On day two of the Expo I was so busy shopping and scrapping I forgot to take many pictures!

I began the morning with banana pudding
 since we had no microwave to have the oatmeal I brought... I wasn't too sad:)

My sister, Mitzi and I filmed our first sister video today 
for Scrapbook Weekly. We told the funny story of my hubby telling her hubby that 
scrapbooking was a nice cheap hobby...hahaha! Will share the video when it airs!

This is my most favorite display project in the entire convention!
I bought the paint kit to create these fabulous metal patina effects.
Those are real keys on the heart-brilliant!

Scrapbooking conventions are a wonderful way to meet new friends! We shared a shared a table with Sue and Kay for the weekend. We are now planning a retreat together!

The final night of the event was  Willie Wonka crop. Some groups put forth an unbelievable amount of effort into their table display. I really loved this "cake" made by an interior designer!

I gave up on my Israel album after the first day. I need to put it together when my hubby is around so he can help make sure I get the tours in the right order. That is what comes from scrapbooking a few years after the actual event!

These are some of our pages we put together at the convention...
Mitzi worked on her wedding album, circa 1990

I plan on making this an annual event with a loved one or two!
Have a look at my posts about our trip here last year...

Scrapbook Expo 2013 with my girls!

See some of my layouts from my Scrapbook Expo 2013 album

I won a contest last year!

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