Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Paper Heart Wreath

Just for the love of paper crafting... I made this fun Valentine wreath for inside my door. It occurred to me that I always have festive holiday wreaths that I see only for those few seconds when I am running through the door. Inside wreaths are holiday eye candy and less calories than the Valentine's chocolate I am anticipating from the hubby!

Begin by cutting 36 strips of double sided paper 2"x12". 
Choose which side you want to face out and then glue the ends together, gently molding/pinching into a heart shape. Repeat 36 times! You can use stick glue or adhesive however, if I was doing this again I would choose hot glue.

Adhere 5 hearts together to form a "flower." 
Make 6 "heart flowers" 
You will have 6 single hearts left over for filling in at the end.

Lay out the "heart flowers" and adhere the tops of 2 hearts together. 
Continue around the circle until all 6 "heart flowers" are connected.

There will be a space between each "heart flower"
Adhere a single heart in each of those spaces.

Add a heart embellishment to the middle of each "heart flower". 
Run a ribbon through the top 2 hearts and tie a bow. 

 Happy Valentine's Day!


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