Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Everything full blast

I was a busy girl at home yesterday! So busy in fact, that I never got of out my p.j's:) I love those kind of days. I actually love washing clothes and putting things away, tweaking my decorating, hanging pictures on the walls, cleaning out a few drawers, making lists of projects..... you know...busy stuff! I am always thrilled to have one of these days! As I was zipping around it occurred to me that many of my modern conveniences were going at once.
My washer, dryer, air conditioning, ceiling fans, dish washer, vacuum, computer, speakers, scentsy, oven, etc...were all going full blast!
In that moment I realized how very much 
I reflected on the 2 and 3 weeks we lived without it after hurricanes Rita 2003 and Ike 2005...not so fun.
Gratitude filled my soul and I turned on a few more things:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The bunting bandwagon

I happily jumped on the bunting band wagon, although a bit late:) It seems the whole crafting world was "bunting everything" a few months ago. The cottage was the perfect subject for this type of window treatment. Bunting is so easy with no sewing skills required. I love the extra coziness the bunting adds to the cottage.

It all began with a black Friday shopping trip to JoAnn's where the fat quarters were on sale! Fat quarters are simply 18" x 24" cuts of fabric.

Pellon is a wonderful product for crafting! I ironed pellon to the back of each fat quarter.

Chipboard was perfect for creating a 9" bunting pattern. I was able to cut 6 pieces from each fat quarter by tracing with a pencil, then cutting with a rotary cutter. A scalloped edge blade added a bit of charm to the bunting pieces. By the way...I love rotary cutters! How did I ever do sewing projects without one?

The seamstress in me chose to top-stitch each piece to add a bit of extra detail. I am not sure it really made a difference in the overall look once the bunting was added to the windows.

 Grand-baby Scarlett was fascinated with my sewing machine:)

It is always a good idea to arrange and re-arrange colors before making the color order permanent. I chose to do 2 different "lines" of bunting. Twine was hot glued to the back of the bunting with each piece barely overlapping.

Doesn't it look fabulous! It goes so well with the quilt made by my Aunt Betty for my high school graduation. This is my sitting room just off the kitchen at Nellie's Cottage (formerly my scrapbook store room) 

I love the bunting bandwagon!