Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Everything full blast

I was a busy girl at home yesterday! So busy in fact, that I never got of out my p.j's:) I love those kind of days. I actually love washing clothes and putting things away, tweaking my decorating, hanging pictures on the walls, cleaning out a few drawers, making lists of projects..... you know...busy stuff! I am always thrilled to have one of these days! As I was zipping around it occurred to me that many of my modern conveniences were going at once.
My washer, dryer, air conditioning, ceiling fans, dish washer, vacuum, computer, speakers, scentsy, oven, etc...were all going full blast!
In that moment I realized how very much 
I reflected on the 2 and 3 weeks we lived without it after hurricanes Rita 2003 and Ike 2005...not so fun.
Gratitude filled my soul and I turned on a few more things:)

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