Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Retreat for Scrapbook Orphans!

I am hosting a retreat!
"Scrapbook Orphans"

Some you are like me...without a scrapping group.
Let's get together, 
make new friends, 
and creatively preserve our memories together!
p.s. Scrapbooking not required! Do what you love to do!

Friday-Sunday April 25-27
stay Sunday night for free!
$130 accommodations
$65 weekend catering 
(need 4 minimum to cater)

We will sleep in 5 different bedrooms at Flossie's our new sleeping cottage and scrapbooking in my new large project room called Kimberly's:)

We still have a kitchenette going in, more blinds & curtains to hang, & the pallet sign on the wall will have a saying in vinyl. 
Table's are arranged and re-arranged according to group size. 

Pictures of Flossie's coming soon-wanted to get pictures and curtains hung first:)

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