Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lil spit fire! Mother's Day winners

Congratulations to Gina & Kellie for winning a girls night at Nellie's Cottage! 
Sonja is the winner of a  "family" chipboard album kit:)

Gina gave me permission to share her entry on my blog. 
This entry was a fun read and really captured my theme "She is the voice in my head!" 

"I always thought my Mom had funny sayings. She is 4'11" and a lil spit fire. Her most famous was do you want a spanking? Did she think we would say yes? Or, say it one more time and I'll wash you're mouth out with soap and make you like it! Really Mom, make us like it? Or how about I didn't raise a pack of wolves, so stop ya howling(which stood for whining). I heard her say a thousand times, we aren't air conditioning Tyler County, shut the door! 

But then she had her sweet sayings. She always said if God had made her children any better looking, he would have kept us for himself. Or if we were any sweeter she could make her own sugar. She always said the angels were jealous because God had blessed her so much. There was six of us kids, and now with my five, I think how did she ever manage? She is a true blessing. She taught us love for Christ. Respect for our elders and ourselves. Kindness for others. She is the angel!"                                                Gina

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