Monday, May 19, 2014

Simply Sisters

I have studied this picture from 1983 of my Grandmother Nellie and her sister Flossy. They look so stoic and wise, emanating the kind of character that comes from a life well lived.

Notice the lawn chair in the kitchen instead of a real chair... silly me was wishing for new seat cushions the other day because I am "tired" of mine. Nellie is wearing a dress as always and I never remember Aunt Flossy without her pants. They both were unhappy with their names complaining that they were named after every cow in the county….maybe just a bit:)

Most importantly notice their hands held together. I imagine they spend many hours holding each other's hand through the challenges of life. They lived next door to each other for over 45 years.

Nellie was only 14, and Flossy 11 when their dad abandoned the family never to be seen or heard from again. She and her brother Vernon had to go to work to help support their family.
Nellie married my grandfather Albert at 17. Flossy married at 14.
They were both so talented. Nellie with her vegetable & flower gardens and Flossy with her extraordinary seamstress skills. They lived a life without fanfare or fame and yet there is something in me that has wanted to share a bit of them through Nellie's Cottage and now Flossy's renovated home for my new sleeping cottage.
I simply cannot decorate, design or work on the cottages without wishing they could be here. Without wanting confirmation that they are both happy with what I have done with their homes. I like to think they would be pleased.

This layout is to hang in Nellie's Cottage, a tribute to a life time of sisterly love and devotion.
Layers and layers of paper, trim, tags, and borders build this layout's foundation.
I chose the paper and silk flowers for Nellie's love of roses. The tape measure, buttons and zipper flower are for Aunt Flossy and her love of sewing. The colors are soft and subtle much like they were, no flash, no overdeveloped sense of "me time" needed…simply sisters.

p.s. I printed this picture from my older home computer just to scrapbook this page when I was "feeling it":) I will definitely get one printed from Sam's to replace it, quality is terrible:)

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