Sunday, June 1, 2014

Calendar Art

I love calendars:) It must be my obsession with time and lists and also my love of flowers and colorful prints! This calendar from 2010 became the perfect art work for the rooms at Flossy's, my newly renovated additional sleeping cottage. I realize not many people would hang on to a calendar for 4 years hoping to find a use for the beautiful prints but I did:)

As Annabelle says "Guys, this is what we do"

1. Find a beautiful calendar and hoard it until you find the perfect use:)

2. Talk the hubby into cutting 1x4's, which then need gluing and stapling together. 
    *Only tell him one step at a time so he won't think it is a big honey-do:)

3. Dig out the old school board yard signs (or any other foam board), cut them to fit the print, spray adhesive on the foam board and then smooth the print over the board.

4. Prime and paint frames. I used acrylic craft paint and chose colors that coordinated which each print.

5. After the paint dries completely....from experience! THEN tape or staple the foam board print to the back of the frame. Add a picture holder...I like the "teeth" ones:)

6. Line up your art work and admire them before they are separated forever!

And this is how you turn a hoarded 2010 calendar into art for a cute retreat cottage:)

A sneak peak at Flossy's...still hanging curtains, painting night stands and other details
AND taking better pics!

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