Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Fall

Don't you just love these piggy-tails on Savannah! I just have to smile at her 10 month old chubby cheeks and happy grin. Creating pages with photos from text messages is a favorite... Instant satisfaction!
I bought the Canon Selphy for just such a purpose. My scrapbooks are in seasons, events, vacations, holidays, birthdays, school, etc... and my newest addition is a Grammie book for all the random pictures I enjoy on my phone.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the smells,the decorating, the anticipation of the handful of colorful trees (we live in pine tree country)..I love everything about fall!

This layout was fun and whimsical to create with many different layers and embellishments which include:
Cardstock stickers, stickles, glitter, brads, pop foam, felt leaves, ink, punched leaves, printed leaves, twine, bubble letters, pieces of tags, yarn, tabs, rickrack, crochet lace & washi tape.

Happy fall, pumpkins, scarecrows and piggy tails:)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Skipping Autumn

Every year in September I decorate my house in fall colors. I update my fall scrapbook. I put away my summer clothes and hang up my fall-winter wardrobe. We make pumpkin waffles, pancakes and bars. I do all of this hoping to entice autumn to Texas. Instead I am still mowing the grass, still battling fire ants, and still weeding my flower beds as if someone issued an official "Texas is skipping autumn edict!" Honestly I don't why I am always surprised at the absence of color in the trees or the fabled cool breeze that announces a change of season. 

C'est la Vie! 
I will simply create mini fall vignettes to soothe my summer weary soul. 
This is a 12x12 layout for a seasonal display with loads of texture and dimension created by "fluffing" the trees and crumpling the edges of the leaves. I backed the layout with chipboard for a more sturdy display. The chipboard letters are painted with red, copper, and brown acrylic. An EK leaf punch was used on metallic cardstock to create the leaves. Lining the trees (cricut cut) with a copper sharpie added definition. Creating with the colors of autumn makes me feel a bit better about still mowing the grass and pulling weeds, however nothing EVER makes up for the fire ants! 
Happy Autumn to those of you who actually have one...may it be glorious!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The British are coming!

In this case it is a good thing unlike during the American revolution! My husband's whole family is coming next month which put me into high gear to finish a decorating dream…a British family room!
I am not sure why we didn't do this years ago, I think it is because I was trying to follow the "proper" decorating rules…now I have decided to do whatever I want with my house just because I can:)
I love decorating with family pictures and fun DIY embellishments like my crown lamp shade and stamped desk. I do have a couple more projects like printed burlap pillows and a fancy bulletin board with a collage of our trips to England.
It's funny, people keep asking me if Michael loves the room…he's a guy…
He does like the rug, and seems pleased with my efforts to bring a bit of his home country to southeast Texas!

Behold the British stuff…
One cannot have a British room unless you have a British flag of some sort!

I found these fun red leather ottomans on

Originally a brown $35 garage sale find in the 80's
I had previously painted this desk red a few years ago

These cool stamps by Tim Holtz made this a one of a kind designer piece!

The "keep calm" thing is beyond ridiculous with all the variations
however, it began with Winston Churchill in WW 2 and therefore
appropriately British!
These are pictures I took on trips to England, except the city view from
the London Eye, Travis gets credit for that one! 
Found this antique "dry sink" at a local place

A Marshall's find:)

Love these metal crowns I hot glued to the lamp shade,
found them at Michaels

A very talented furniture man Ryan built this child's table for the grandkids.
I have put the checkers set away while Scarlett is in her "destruc-to" stage:)

The not turns over to a blank side indicating the queen (me)
will be accepting an audience…if only they would obey the sign!

So...the British people may still be coming but the British-Texan decorator (ME) has already been here!