Sunday, September 21, 2014

Skipping Autumn

Every year in September I decorate my house in fall colors. I update my fall scrapbook. I put away my summer clothes and hang up my fall-winter wardrobe. We make pumpkin waffles, pancakes and bars. I do all of this hoping to entice autumn to Texas. Instead I am still mowing the grass, still battling fire ants, and still weeding my flower beds as if someone issued an official "Texas is skipping autumn edict!" Honestly I don't why I am always surprised at the absence of color in the trees or the fabled cool breeze that announces a change of season. 

C'est la Vie! 
I will simply create mini fall vignettes to soothe my summer weary soul. 
This is a 12x12 layout for a seasonal display with loads of texture and dimension created by "fluffing" the trees and crumpling the edges of the leaves. I backed the layout with chipboard for a more sturdy display. The chipboard letters are painted with red, copper, and brown acrylic. An EK leaf punch was used on metallic cardstock to create the leaves. Lining the trees (cricut cut) with a copper sharpie added definition. Creating with the colors of autumn makes me feel a bit better about still mowing the grass and pulling weeds, however nothing EVER makes up for the fire ants! 
Happy Autumn to those of you who actually have one...may it be glorious!

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