Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The British are coming!

In this case it is a good thing unlike during the American revolution! My husband's whole family is coming next month which put me into high gear to finish a decorating dream…a British family room!
I am not sure why we didn't do this years ago, I think it is because I was trying to follow the "proper" decorating rules…now I have decided to do whatever I want with my house just because I can:)
I love decorating with family pictures and fun DIY embellishments like my crown lamp shade and stamped desk. I do have a couple more projects like printed burlap pillows and a fancy bulletin board with a collage of our trips to England.
It's funny, people keep asking me if Michael loves the room…he's a guy…
He does like the rug, and seems pleased with my efforts to bring a bit of his home country to southeast Texas!

Behold the British stuff…
One cannot have a British room unless you have a British flag of some sort!

I found these fun red leather ottomans on

Originally a brown $35 garage sale find in the 80's
I had previously painted this desk red a few years ago

These cool stamps by Tim Holtz made this a one of a kind designer piece!

The "keep calm" thing is beyond ridiculous with all the variations
however, it began with Winston Churchill in WW 2 and therefore
appropriately British!
These are pictures I took on trips to England, except the city view from
the London Eye, Travis gets credit for that one! 
Found this antique "dry sink" at a local place

A Marshall's find:)

Love these metal crowns I hot glued to the lamp shade,
found them at Michaels

A very talented furniture man Ryan built this child's table for the grandkids.
I have put the checkers set away while Scarlett is in her "destruc-to" stage:)

The not turns over to a blank side indicating the queen (me)
will be accepting an audience…if only they would obey the sign!

So...the British people may still be coming but the British-Texan decorator (ME) has already been here!

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