Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kissing frogs...Annabelle's princess party

One of the most fun things I have made this year is a kissing frog game for my grandaughter Annabelle's 4th birthday. The theme was a princess party (of course...she is 4!) Since we like to believe that a frog can sometimes become a prince it seemed like the perfect party game:)

I used the Create A Critter cartridge for the frog.

Three frogs were laminated and mounted on blue pond (project board),
then lips were cut from the Tie the Knot cartridge. They were quite large
so little people would have a fair shot of placement:) 

The little girls loved this game as you can see by the lips!

I have gotten ahead of myself in the birthday story....before you can kiss a frog you must first become a princess with all the trimmings for your kingdom!

Castles were cut from the Paper Dolls cartridge

After her castle was built Annabelle donned her finest party gown with dress up gloves (that she kept on only for a minute!)

 The birthday princess was joined by a real Princess India for the party. Princess Annabelle was the only one that wouldn't talk to her....classic:)

 The party began with princess bracelet making...

One of the 3 prince's in attendance participated...:)
 A lovely lunch was followed by a jewelry hunt, trampoline jumping...yes in their dresses...and a game of "Count the Witch...which was the very favorite activity at the party.
We did have some reluctant princes who found themselves surrounded by more girls than they could handle...haha!

Annabelle had been very adamant that the wicked witch would come with an apple for the girls to eat...Brittany couldn't get that arranged so the "Count the Witch" game sufficed.

A beautiful princess dress cake was made by the queen mother Brittany and all the guests enjoyed ice-cream and cupcakes. The princess also opened her presents.

Baby sister Scarlett tried to intimidate the most shy guest by poking him with a pink fork.
We shall try and work on her party manners:)

At the party's end Princess Annabelle reluctantly agreed for a photo with Princess India, after a bribe of pink lip gloss:)

After the last guest had gone Princess Annabelle danced dreamily to her heart's content...

Grammie waited until the party princess had come down from her throne to give her gifts. Princess Annabelle loved the new clothes for school and had definite opinions about which one she loved best!

Hail Princess Annabelle...may the world do your bidding...within reason:)

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