Friday, December 26, 2014

Home alone..a different kind of Christmas

I didn't take one picture, open one present, or eat one piece of pie Christmas day. For the first time in my life I was home alone on the most magical day of the year. Michael was on a 24 hour shift at the hospital and the children were at their in-laws or very far away. Some first's are exciting, experiences to be repeated. This was not one of those. My heart did grow a couple of sizes with a new compassion for those who repeat this kind of Christmas over and over.
As I laid on my cozy couch in my warm home I thought of those who spend Christmas on the streets. As I perused Facebook looking longingly at pictures of friends surrounded by their families I thought of those who do not have family.
As I struggled to leave the couch (I was sick too) even for a drink of water I thought of those who do not have good health and robust bodies.
As I felt the loneliness of the day I realized that while it was temporary for me it was a hard reality for many.
As I looked ahead to next Christmas when my house will be ringing with the joyful sounds of children and grandchildren I felt overwhelmed with my blessings.

Life isn't fair. I hated every time my dad said that to me when something went wrong. I never realized how much my life sided on the good side of fair. Christmas day was a good day for me to understand.

There were some merry moments on this lonely day...
Late afternoon my sweet friends Jeline & Chris came to my door with an Icee & baclava:) Lesson learned-people are happy you knocked if you bring treats:) *note to self.... I used to be better at taking treats to people.
I really enjoyed pictures via text of family festivities going on in Dallas & Utah:)

  Santa baby Charlotte
At least Ethan likes crawling on the books I sent:)

Savannah has entered the Barbie zone...oh dear:)
Scarlett is a fun present:)
What girl doesn't love shoes?
Annabelle making cookies with Grandma Tolman
"The Boys" as we call them...Cy, Seth, & Josh in their festive pj's
Love these smiles of Christmas joy:)
A proper Welsh Christmas dinner by my daughter in law Rhiannon

After the merry Icee and pictures the evening dragged as I stared at the TV watching one episode after another of a newly found series. I wondered if this is what others who are alone do while the rest of us are immersed in our merry making. The real question is...will my newly found compassion find action or become buried in the hustle of the next Christmas season. I am glad I had this home alone Christmas day. This quote from the movie "Overboard" applies..."You madam, have had the rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information is entirely up to you"

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  1. Loved this! A great perspective have and a good lesson to learn. Love you!