Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Magical lights

Light & joy go together. 
This is never more evident than in the darkness surrounded by the twinkling lights of the season. We spent a few days in Dallas before Christmas with our mini Crossley's. My favorite activity was walking though a beautiful neighborhood lit up in colorful splendor. The air was cold and the mood merry and bright. Countless cars with children hanging out of windows and sun roofs filled the neighborhood. A horse drawn carriage clopped down the street carrying families on a merry Christmas ride. It was magical:)

When we finally let Savannah out of the stroller she flitted around
like the Tinkerbelle she is:)

This last picture of Savannah in front of the snowman is my favorite memory of the season. I love how the light illuminates her little body, how it captures the wings of her Tinkerbelle costume. She was the epitome of Tinkerbelle, flitting around the lights, running from display to display with bright laughter. Sprinkling her own brand of happy fairy dust over my Christmas season:) I thought it was the lights but it is really the light she brings to my life...and that is truly magical.

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