Friday, December 19, 2014

Only stars...the most simple Christmas ever

I have mixed feelings about the whole children coming home, hubby working Christmas day, not buying presents for our children. On one hand it is so very nice to be out of the Christmas race & rush! On the other hand I feel a bit forlorn at the absence of Christmas trappings. This is the first time EVER since we became parents 30 years ago that Christmas day will be totally devoid of children.
I really shouldn't be whining, we do get to spend 3 glorious days in Dallas with our little Crossley grandchildren before Christmas!
I have enjoyed limited shopping time since we are only buying for the grandchildren (don't feel sorry for my kids, we took them on a cruise!) The long lines, the frustrated shoppers, and the pressure to find just the right gift have been happily lacking in my Christmas preparations. My decorating has been minimalistic, something I think I really like! No trips up the stairs, over the attic boardwalk and back down again with the 20 boxes of decorations...hubby is the most happy about that:)

I bought a $29 tree at Walmart, added 2 strands of white lights, and made burlap stars for tree number one.

The smell of a real tree no matter how small brings back the nostalgic feelings
of my childhood Christmas memories:)
I failed at cutting burlap on my cricut :(
 Hence the hand cut stars.
Every time I walk past my tree I think of the phrase "Follow the star"

I found a white wrought iron tree which I LOVE! at Tuesday Morning and made metallic card stock stars with twine for tree number 2.
Christmas decorating done.

The metallic stack by DCMV is one of my favorite card stock stacks ever!

I plan to keep this tree all year with new decorations for each holiday,
 only cricut cut for simplicity.

Twine serves as an embellishment and ornament hanger-simple!
As the original embellishing, decorating junkie this has been an exercise in moderation:) I am most excited about the the days of take down I will be missing...however don't be wholly impressed by my reformed year the whole attic of Christmas will be unloaded because the kids will all be home:) I have decided that every other year of department store type decor will be enough for my decorating little self.
On a more serious note, I have found that the minimalism has made it easier to turn my thoughts the real reason we have Christmas instead of being caught in the commercial trap of holiday stress and guilt. And that is a reason to celebrate!

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